Queen Sized Plus quilt

Plus Quilt        This queen was a Beast. Partially because it was a queen particularly because in order to create the layout of the quilt (since each plus sign spans 3 rows and interlocks) you have to lay the entire quilt out at once.

In order to make this quilt i used the the Craftsy bundle of colonial manor in red (30 prints) + 5 random whites fat quarters and 5 dark brown prints and I had very little leftover. So the whole top took about 10 yards of fabric.

The amazing part of this was the entire quilt top took me a week to create. One day of picking out fabrics/cutting 1 day to slack off and complain about my back hurting from putting all those pieces on the floor and fix the layout after the dog ran over them 4 days to sew pieces into rows and rows into bigger rows until 1 completed top and a final day to stare at it pat myself on the back and run over to everyone in the house and be like YOU HAVE TO SEE WHAT I JUST DID.

On a side note I highly suggest listening to audio books while sewing this. Only one in 5 seems line up so its not a quilt top you have to obsess about while sewing which lends itself well to some light audio books. This quilt took me the entire miss Penguins home for particular children series, which is a series I highly suggest by the way.

Now all thats left is to quilt and bind it.

Link to the fabric bundle I used if anyone is interested. I used mostly civil war prints for the browns (not included).

Does anyone else track how much a quilt top cost in materials or does thinking about it just make you cry?
I got the pattern off For the Love of George here is a Link to the tutorial there is a neat printable pdf of all the instructions at the bottom of his post as well.  For my quilt I used the pattern for the cot sized blocks (4 x 11) and turned it into a queen size. I like the look of the smaller plus signs.  Despite what the post says you do not need to login or register all you have to do is click on the download pdf button and you are good to go.

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